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About Us

We were first to introduce in India, Cotton based TPU Lamination 100% waterproof mattress protector in fitted style. Ours is the only product in India in Mattress Protector which has world class Sanitized Treatment (done by Clariant Co., Switzerland). TPU Lamination is an innovative technology which makes fabric Water Proof but allows Air so makes the Fabric Breathable. This technology was introduced by our company for first time in India.

In India, Quilted Poly fill Padding are known and sold as Mattress Protector., But truth is Poly Fill Pad are actually only Mattress Pad and they no way protect mattress Either from Dust or Liquid, they are used as Extra Padding over mattress for more softness. Our company management found a Vacuum in India market for True Mattress protector which will actually protects mattress, that is why our company introduced Terry 100% cotton waterproof mattress protector in the year 2010. Our product with Sanitized treatment not only protects Mattress form liquid but also from Dust mites, Bed Bugs and Fungus. And our product is easily machine washable and long lasting.

Now to give more option we have also introduced Coral fleece protector, the advantage of the product over terry protector is coral fleece material is super soft, fast absorbing, fast dry and advantage of TPU Lamination and Sanitized Treatment We also introduced Terry Protector in Color.

Behind all this a strong, committed, well experienced management is at work, which has more than 13 years of experience in the mattress and furnishing field.

They strive to introduce new technology and new product at very competitive pricing in India.